Frequently Asked Questions​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dress Code at La Casa Pergola?
We want all of our customers to be comfortable in our casual atmosphere – use discretion and respect for others and they will do the same.

Can I Bring My Own Wine?
Yes, we do allow patrons to bring their own wine at a charge of $25.00 per bottle plus GST. As well we limit the customer(s) to bringing a maximum of three (3) bottles of wine per visit.

Are Children Allowed at La Casa Pergola?
La Casa Pergola prides itself on being a family destination for all of your celebrations, special events and dining experiences

Do You Take Reservations?
Yes we do, we encourage reservations to be made for all dinner bookings and large table lunches – beyond that, we encourage you to walk in and enjoy our lounge, dining room or patio in the summer time.

Do You Allow Take Out and/or Have a Delivery Service?
We do have Take-Out services and we encourage our customers to order their lunches at least 1-hour in advance of pickup. We do not have a delivery service.

Does La Casa Pergola Have a Private Room?
Any or all rooms can be booked for private events from business lunches to full-scale weddings, including ceremony and reception / dinner, our available rooms are:

Library: This is our small back room that has a privacy curtain and 70 inch T.V. for customer uses for business lunches, parties, etc. It can seat up to 24 people, click here: “Special Events Room” for more information

La Sala Grande (Lounge): This room can be booked for up to 34 people for a private event

Dining Room: The entire Dining Room can be booked for a private event for up to 50-people.